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Final Fantasy 12 Icons

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This community is about posting your very own icons from the unreleased title; Final Fantasy XII. Please feel free to post any and every icons you have here. If you wish to do some discussing, you may do so. Ask questions, etc.


1: You of course, may post any icon related to FFXII.

2: You are also able to post other icons, as long as you have at least one FFXII icon.

3: Do NOT bash others of their art work. It doesn't matter how bad you may think an icon is. They are STILL allowed to post it.

Other than that. You may do as you please. I am not very strict at all! xD Well thanks again for looking. And have fun posting, you guys. If you have any problems or even feel you may want to be part of this community by being an affiliate then by all means; contact me.